Do you guarantee the resurfacing work?

    The work is guaranteed for 1 year however we expect our surfaces to last well in excess of 10 years.Reglazing guaranteed for 12 months .

Does My Bath need resurfacing or reglazed?

   Surprisingly the vast majority of baths don’t require resurfacing but they simply need reglazed.This process is more economical then resurfacing and is suitable for treating baths with surfaces which are rough and difficult to clean,stained,chemically damaged,or have scratched dull appearance.

Reglazing wipes out all the problems stated above via a mechanical burnishing process returning the bath to a smooth shiny finish “As good as Original“, Easy to Clean and ready for immediate use.

How do I know which treatment would suit my bath?

   We carry the equipment to do both tasks and on arrival we will advice accordingly.We will also do a free reglaze demonstration to display the effectiveness of this service.

How long before the bath can be used?

After reglazing the bath is ready for use almost immediately and after resurfacing in approximately 24 hours.

How long will the reglazing last?

   We give a 12 month guarantee and 12 months of totally trouble free bathing however with proper care there shouldn’t be a reason for it not to last indefinitely.

Is there anything I need to do prior to your arrival if I decide to accept your quote?

   To proceed with our quotation you need only follow the following simple steps prior to our arrival;


* The bath is plumbed in completely.

* Taps and overhanging showers do not drip.

*Water is available for rinsing(preferably HOT)

* Messy work is finished-no point in dropping a tile on your newly finished surface!

* If replacing a sealant around the bath,do it after we’re finished.

* Clear the bathroom of soft furnishings etc.

It is imperative that these simple rules are followed.If we cannot go ahead with our work as scheduled because the above have not been complied with a charge of 20% of the quotation will be payable immediately.

What if my bath can’t be reglazed?

Some baths are beyond the power of reglazing.For baths which are badly worn i.e.down to the base metal,deeply pitted or require a complete colour change there is no alternative but to resurface.

Your bath is resurfaced on site using the very latest innovations in surface techniques and technology.

The process takes roughly 4 hours.

The new surface is rock hard yet able to absorb shock,completely stain resistant,easily maintained and extremely pleasing to the eye-you won’t believe the transformation.

Why should I choose All About Baths?

There are a number of good reasons.

We are ambitious and are well aware that our growth is dependent on customer satisfaction which is the salient reason for our longevity,therefore,it is our aim and pledge to ensure that each and every bath we restore is done to the highest possible standard and that all our customers are left content and not baffled as we once were.

We do not resurface baths needlessly.

We are known for our integrity.We are always busy with jobs which come mainly through word of mouth.We would be glad to provide testimonials.

We are proud to list the Balmoral Castle and Estate as one of our many customers.

Our work is guaranteed. We have been in the business for over 20 years. That is a lot of happy customers.


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